Fixing Up Split Headphone Wires with Yarn!

Oh oh I actually came up with the solution to this problem all on my own and I am DELIGHTED at how well it worked!


So I tend to be rather hard on my headphones and as a result, I don’t spend much money on them. I had a cheapo pair currently that work fine, however, the connection between the two wires leading up to the headphones split, so they were constantly getting tangled. It was driving me pretty crazy.

I’m simultaneously learning to crochet and have a lot of yarn around, which gave me an idea. What if I just added some yarn into the wires and then braided the three pieces (two wires, one yarn piece) together? That would combine them all again and reduce the tangling!

It honestly worked better than even I could have anticipated! And it made my headphones look really unique and fun. I’m really happy with the result.

Here’s how I did it!

  1. There was one tiny clasp still holding the two split wires in the headphones together. I cut that off with some scissors, as I’m about to render it useless!

  2. I took some yarn and tied it securely to the base of the headphones using a few knots.

  3. I measured out the yarn against the headphones and cut it to the length of the entire cord. This will actually be too long, but it’s easier to trim it later than add more length if you cut it too short.

  4. I channeled my elementary school self and braided the wires together with the yarn! (making friendship bracelets was the cool thing on my school bus! I carried around the cutest little Cat in the Hat bag full of embroidery thread and safety pins to pin the braid to the back of the seats while I was working on it. Ahhh nostalgia.) I held the end of the braid with my chin, but you could also clip it or hold it down with some heavy books if you like.

  5. When I was almost done, I tried on the headphones to ensure I had enough length of two split wires for my head and neck, then tied off the braid below that spot.

And there you go! It’s been working perfectly since I braided it. :)