Less time cooking = more time writing!

So John and I have been using the Dinner Doctor cookbook for the last two weeks to actually plan out our grocery shopping for the whole week like grownups and it has been SO good! Both of us prefer homemade meals (and it’s way cheaper than take out obviously) but I REALLY don’t like cooking for an hour to make it happen (John is more willing than i am but then he usually tries to get me to be his sous chef which- no); this book is full of tricks to throw something delicious together in like, 10-15 minutes.


I’ve failed at taking pictures of most of our meals, but we’ve made micro-steamed hoisin fish with veggies, tamale pie, pork fried rice, shrimp curry, ham and cheddar impossible pie, and salmon with coconut spinach, all super easily and quickly. And even if we don’t make these exact recipes again, it’s teaching us really nice shortcuts for making great food quickly. I think I may start giving this cookbook to friends as a wedding gift because it’s so useful! Hard recommend, especially if you’re in that life stage where you’re still figuring out how to feed yourself without eating ramen all the time.

Also, I love the author Anne Byrn and got to meet her last December and fangirled SO hard. She also wrote the American Cookie and American Cake historical cookbooks I’ve been having so much fun baking through lately!