“Jean-Pierre Pelletier,” The Shitlist, Pure Slush, upcoming

“Purr Like an Egyptian,” Grumpy Old Gods Vol. 2, Storm Dance Publications, August 2019

“Just There,” Eskimo Pie, August 2019.

AntiquiCats: Cats of History (self-published short story ebooks published on Amazon)

  • The Caterer: How a Cat Survived Richard III, June 2019

  • The Vanguard: The Cats Who Conquered Egypt, (upcoming)

“Big Dave’s Goliath,” Colp: Big, Gypsum Sound Tales, July 2019



"Mail," The Drabble, July 2019

"Estate Sale," Talking Soup, April 2019

Biographical Sketches: Ellen Powell Thompson, Mary Lucinda Rogers Talbott, Biographical Database of NAWSA Suffragists, 1890-1920

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